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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Body Dropped Toyota

Black Chevy PU


Freecreditreport baby

NTP 4376

Natures Past

The Bad Touch 4184

Horned Fungus Beetle 5251

Butterfly Attack 5515

Mmmm Goodness 5585

Hungry Hungry Hippos 4888

Yellow Garden Spider 5284

Ashley 4670

American Farm 4276

Beautiful Day Remix 4788

Cloudless Giant Sulphur 4855

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ashley 02

My Little Friend

Common Whitetail

Young Tree

Cabbage White

Lilly 01

Lily Flower

Autumn In Motion

No Speak

Wedding 05

Red Wasp 02

Machine Falls 4

Butterfly 4

Lil Steamer

More Photos

I haven't had a chance to to add more of Dell's photography to his blog lately but I promise we will be adding more. 
I'm still trying to fix his header image and the layout to look more "professional" for him.

To view more of his photography, check out his Deviant Art page Dell's Photography

To view his artwork (fractals, wallpapers, manips and 3d) check out his other account  Dell's Art

I'm hoping he will become more active on his blog for his fans :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

~Jennifer M Gann